Enstore Development

Development updates for the Enstore e-commerce platform.
August 23 2012 0 notes

August Updates

More news from the Development Team. And remember that if you’re using Checkout we released 3.5 last month (free for anyone using Checkout 3). There was a long list of improvements including support for customer displays.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Confirmation page Name/Company when shipping and Billing addresses are different.
* Rearranged country list in checking out forms to appear in an Alphabetical order.
* Fixed issue causing stores with 1000+ products to have some product tags not appear in the Manager.
* Fixed IE7/IE8 layout issues in shipping and payment sections in checking out forms.

* Migrated FedEx Webservices integration to v10.

In Progress:
* Streamlined synchronization between Enstore and both Checkout and AccountEdge.

July 5 2012 0 notes

July Enstore Updates

We have been working hard on Enstore updates and fixes while the Checkout team was working tirelessly on 3.5. Here’s the latest updates:

  • Fixed tax issue showing shoppers the default tax amount before selecting shipping and payment methods. It now shows zero taxes initially.
  • Fixed issue causing the cart of some themes to show price without tax for stores with tax inclusive pricing.
  • Fixed issue causing cart not to empty out after customer successfully checks out.
  • Fixed confirmation page to include a more detailed message about the items purchased.
  • Fixed issue causing minimum cart error not to display the store currency.
  • Fixed CCV field label to show correctly in the Credit Card forms in IE8 and IE9.
  • Fixed order references to match the generated URL during the checking out session.
  • Added Northwest Territories and Nanavut to the Canadian provinces and territories list.

We will be working on more issues and releasing updates in the near future.

March 9 2012 0 notes

Changes to footers

We recently fixed a security issue that allowed a storeowner to alter the contents of the cart without a customer’s consent. We have resolved the issue, but as a side effect, we had to disable all HTML content in footers.

We’ve always intended footers to be written in Textile and the fact that pure HTML was allowed was an oversight on our part. Luckily, most stores were not using HTML and for those of you who did we manually updated your footers to Textile. Unfortunately some stores were using HTML that could not be converted, if you were we’ll be contacting you directly.

If you need custom HTML anywhere in your store (e.g. a Facebook like button) please use Enstore Designer to modify your theme.

If you have any questions, please contact Enstore support.

January 31 2012 0 notes

Enstore weekly - Week 3 & 4

We put the last hand to migrating to a new storage system. During a short downtime we’ve moved the last data into the new database and we’re now happily running off of the new system. You should not notice any differences between the old and the new system, but if you do please let us know.

This was all part of our grand plan to going out of beta and we’re thrilled to being one step closer!

January 19 2012 0 notes

Maintenance rescheduled

Please note: Enstore maintenance has been rescheduled and your web store will be down for several hours Wednesday, January 25th (1:00 am to 6:00 am EST). During that time we’ll be migrating to a fancy new storage system with the goal of better reliability and less downtime (planned or unplanned). We have big plans for 2012.

We appreciate your patience, The Enstore Team

January 17 2012 0 notes

Enstore weekly - Week 2


Enstore will be down for several hours Thursday, January 19th (1:00 am to 6:00 am EST) for planned server maintenance. During that time we’ll be migrating to a fancy new storage system with the goal of better reliability and less downtime (planned or unplanned). We have big plans for 2012.


  • Fixed: Template revision was not readonly
  • Fixed: Variation product labels were not stored

January 10 2012 0 notes

Enstore weekly - Week 1


  • Fixed: Infinite redirect when directly navigating to the checkout page
  • Fixed: Infinite redirect when cart data was unavailable
  • Fixed: Order succes page loaded insecure content
  • Fixed: Shipping method icons loaded incorrectly

January 3 2012 0 notes

Enstore weekly - week 52

First of all, happy new year! It has been an eventful year for Enstore and we have been hard at work after the acquisition. We’ll have something exciting progress to share at the end of this month, for now here are the changes that happened in the last week of 2011.


  • Fixed: Custom payment methods had no icon and were showing a broken image instead


  • Fixed: Very rarely images that needed cropping would not show correctly

December 27 2011 0 notes

Enstore weekly - Week 51


  • Fixed: Use the correct version of the Enstore icon in signup verification emails


  • Fixed: Javascript files wouldn’t load correctly in Google Chrome
  • Fixed: Internet Explorer showed a warning about insecure content

December 19 2011 0 notes

Enstore weekly - Week 50


  • Fixed: The case on the Enstore lines icon (shown on error pages) was incorrect


  • Fixed: The maintenance bar button was still referring to the old admin
  • Fixed: Show the store email address, if available, when Checkout fails
  • Fixed: Checkout failure page had no link back to the store


  • Fixed: Logo upload errors used an incorrect alert style